Monday, August 6, 2012

Stop Being Naive

“The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.” Psalm 119:130 NIV

Being simple-minded may be good in some cases. At least, you're not complicated or difficult to please. But in the Bible, simple means naive or inexperienced in the area of wisdom. It means that you don't know any better because you have not been trained (yet) in the area of godliness. In that case, being simple is not a very good thing. You tend to make foolish decisions (although you're not yet a "fool", biblically speaking, because that's a different category). You put yourself in situations that can harm you or your loved ones, thinking that everything will be okay. You spend too much time in worldly things that won't satisfy, because they look attractive. You assume that money and possessions can make you happy, so you spend more time accumulating them rather than spending time with authentic life-giving relationships. You enter relationships that will drain the life out of you, but you go ahead anyway, thinking everything will turn out well in the end. You haven't experienced life's realities yet, so you keep making mistakes that older people have already learned to avoid. Without guidance, you will end up destroying yourself and your loved ones because of your lack of wisdom. The solution? Pay attention to God's word. You don't have to try out everything before you know they're wrong. God's word will teach you what is right or wrong. Listen and obey. Wisdom is not necessarily the result of years or the number of experiences. Some old people are still naive even after living in this world for a long time. Wisdom is actually the result of humility, listening and obeying God's word from your heart, trusting that your heavenly knows best, even if you have not yet experienced what He is talking about. Stop being naive or simple. Start being wise. Let God's word enlighten you.

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